Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vegetable Pasta Salad w/ Lemon Olive Oil Dressing

This is my version of Bowtie pasta and Broccoli from the Barefoot Contessa (my favorite chef) cookbook series.

This is a nice, fast, clean tasting dish I like to make. This can yield 4 - 6 servings.

2 cups - penne pasta (or your favorite type)
3 cups - broccoli
1 cup or bag - frozen peas
2 - large lemons zested and juiced
1/2 - red onion diced
2 - cloves of garlic minced
4 tablespoons - olive oil
1/4 stick - butter
Salt and Pepper to taste

Cook your pasta until tender, strain and rinse.

While pasta is cooking zest and juice both lemons, they will yield 1/4 cup of juice.

In the same water as pasta add the broccoli and blanch for 3 to 4 minutes. Strain and rinse broccoli, set aside.

In a shallow heated skillet add olive oil and butter. Once butter has melted add diced red onion, cook until tender ( 3-5 minutes) then add garlic and saute for another 2-3 minutes. After the onions and garlic have cooked add half of the lemon juice and stir.

In a big bowl add pasta, broccoli and peas, mix together. ( Heat from cooked pasta and broccoli will thaw and warm the peas) Add dressing from skillet and toss together to evenly coat the salad. Add remaining lemon juice, salt and pepper and give it a final toss..

This dish can be served with a garnish of shaved Parmesan or add imitation chicken or tofu.

I like using different vegetables or replacing lemon juice with orange juice.

Get Creative!!!

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